Steve Martin's Very Personal Letter To A Young Judd Apatow

For the purposes of this post let’s assume they’re reading said letter.

Steve Martin is the best. No one denies this. Sure, his film efforts over the last two decades have left plenty to be desired, but his personal humor remains timeless. From his vintage personal business card to his recent ownage of Gwyneth Paltrow, the guy has always delivered in that regard.

Today we have another web-friendly treasure to add to the chest. It’s an uber-personalized letter Steve would respond to select fan letters with in the 70’s and early 80’s (I presume). The recipient of this exact letter just happens to be famous director and producer of funny movies, Judd Apatow. Apatow recently shared it with the Twitterverse, simply noting: “A wonderful, kind letter I received as a small child from @SteveMartinToGo.” Pretty great stuff, although an opportunity to refer to oneself as a poor black child was definitely missed.

Full enlargeable image below. I’ll never forget my afternoon in Rio with Steve either.

@JuddApatow via Splitsider. Top image via Best Week Ever.