Steve-O Served Less Than Eight Hours Of Hard Time For His SeaWorld Stunt

Steve-O surrendered himself to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, where he was to serve 30 days following his August arrest for climbing to the top of a construction crane to protest SeaWorld. However, due to the notorious crowding of L.A. County jails, the Jackass star was out in less time than most people spend a day at the office — which may or may not put some perspective on his pretty upbeat attitude about the whole thing.

Thursday afternoon, Steve-O posed in the above Instagram selfie with one of his dogs to celebrate his freedom, and made sure to hashtag #SeaWorldSucks as an insinuation that he’s still going to keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully it will be from the other side of a jail cell from now on, though.

And in true Steve-O fashion, before entering jail, he made sure to record himself doing a back flip off of the Twin Towers Correctional sign:

Here I am at jail. See ya when I see ya, folks! #yeahdude #SeaWorldSucks

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(Via TMZ)