The Grammatical Analysis Of Steven Seagal Movie Titles The World Didn't Know It Needed

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04.12.12 2 Comments

If you’ve never done yourself the favor of looking over Vince’s “Incredible, Interchangeable Films of Steven Seagal: A Gallery” I encourage you to do so before checking out the full Steven Seagal movie title analysis by Pop Chart Labs after the jump. They’re like the perfect wine and cheese pairing, only if Seagal and Kelly Lebrock drank all the wine and the cheese was procured from dialogue.

I’m particularly fond of “Adjective, Phrasal Verb, or Participal Phrase” Seagal titles, but the “Type of Man” and “Prepositional Phrases” titles are of course glorious as well. Never thought a Steven Seagal post would remind me that I’m the Bubba Watson of UPROXX writers though.

Click to enlarge.

Fun Fact: The percentage breakdown between “Steven Seagal Is…” and “Other” is not only an amusing statistic to be cognizant of, but also almost perfectly draws the line between theatrical release and straight-to-DVD. The more you know…about Steven Seagal.

Pop Culture Lab via The High Definite

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