Steven Spielberg Brainstorming Another Jurassic Park Film?

The Hollywood Reporter, uh, reports that Steven Spielberg has been meeting with writer Mark Protosevich about rebooting the Jurassic Park franchise.  The first three movies grossed $915 million, $619 million, and $369 million worldwide between 1993 and 2001.  Protosevich worked with Spielberg on the Oldboy adaptation that didn’t get made, and he also had a story credit on Thor, co-wrote I Am Legend, and wrote The Cell and Poseidon.  Not sure he should take credit for all of those.

Both Universal, which released the trilogy, and Spielberg’s camp stress that no one has been engaged to write a script and that the discussions have been purely exploratory. But the idea is kind of a no-brainer. [THR]

A no-brainer except for the fact that writer Michael Crichton and brilliant special effects artist Stan Winston have passed on and won’t be involved in any reboot.  And less than a month ago Sam Neill was saying he thought the story was done if Crichton and Winston can’t be involved.  Oh well, one thing is certain: no matter who they hire to replace the original crew, there’s one guy from the other movies they should definitely not bring back:

Seriously, dude.  You dropped the ball.

[Banner picture by Aled Lewis via RampagedReality]