Steve-O Injured Himself In A Stunt That Makes ‘Jackass’ Look Tame

Game of Thrones broke the entertainment record for setting the most people on fire in one day, but that’s nothing compared to Steve-O’s most recent stunt. The Jackass star, who’s no stranger to danger, made “snow angels with rocket engine fuel” (or would that be fire angels?) for an upcoming comedy special. He hasn’t released the footage yet, but on Thursday, Steve-O posted a video showing himself covered in painful first- and second-degree burns.

We will not be linking to that video, because you want to eat again, don’t you?

“[I] put a tea cup of all this stuff on top of my head,” Steve-O said in the clip, “and then I just f*cking put a blanket of the sh*t on the floor and f*cking laid it. I was making snow angels with rocket engine fuel.” He added that it’s the “grand finale” of the special, and that it “ties a lot of sh*t together.”

Steve-O, who worked at a flea-market circus before hooking up with the Jackass gang, has lived a one-of-a-kind life. Who else can say they’ve been locked in a bathroom snorting cocaine with Mike Tyson, hosted a karaoke game show, arrested for protesting Sea World, and kicked in the nuts by Sansa Stark? Possibly Jon Snow, but otherwise, no one else, that’s who.

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(Via Digital Spy)