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The second trailer for Doctor Who Season Five (via io9) is out (first trailer here).  The second trailer shows more of The Weeping Angels, originally from the “Blink” episode (written by Stephen Moffat).  These villians appear as statues who only move when you look away or blink, and they transport you to the past while stealing time from your life.  In other words, they play the second-most fiendish game of red light green light.

I play the most fiendish one.  It involves a super soaker full of cat pee.  I wield the gun of power; it’s green when I say so.

If the trailer seems a bit wonky, there are two good reasons for that:

  1. It was shot in 3D to be shown before 3D screenings of Alice in Wonderland in some UK theaters.
  2. It’s frikken Doctor Who.

Sidenote: although I think Matt Smith has the second Doctor’s mannerisms down pretty well, I keep getting distracted.  Anybody else think he kind of looks like Zelda from Pet Cemetery?


Oh yeah, one more thing:

“Let me examine these.  It’s cool.  I’m the Doctor.”

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