Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Amazing 'Wheel Of Fortune' Ending

Can you solve that Wheel of Fortune final puzzle? I’ll answer for you: no you can not. I looked at it for a good 60 seconds and the best I could come up with was “New Bear Mayor,” which is just ridiculous because the E, R, M, and O would be on the board, and also HOW DID THE BEAR EVEN GET ELECTED? I mean, sure, he’d strike an impressive figure standing up eight feel tall on a stage in a suit with an American flag pinned to his lapel, but how does he feel about the issues? Did he just maul his opponents and win by default? That would be troubling. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Bears are a threat to democracy.

But this contestant named Emil isn’t like you or me. He took this puzzle down, on his first try, immediately and amazingly, like he’s a wizard or something. “New Baby Buggy.” That makes way more sense.

Meanwhile, Pat looks confused…

Source: Guyism