Storm Of Swansons Is The Parks And Recreation/Game Of Thrones Coupling We've All Been Waiting For

Like Arrested Westeros and Mad Development before it, Storm of Swansons is a Tumblr that takes quotes from one of the internet’s favorite comedies, Parks And Recreation, and lays them over stills from from one of the internet’s favorite dramas, Game Of Thrones. The result, typically, is hilarity, and that’s certainly the case here.
While the site is currently in its infancy stages (only two pages deep as of this writing), we have extremely high hopes for it. After all, with so much rich material available out there in the form of hilarious P&R quotes and achingly dramatic GOT stills, how could it not be funny as hell? It’s already managed to catch the attention of Parks And Recreation creator Michael Schur, who recently tweeted, “I would like to see this website grow exponentially, please.”
We here at Uproxx know a call of duty when we hear it, so we put together a small gallery using Ron Swanson quotes exclusively, because, well, of course. The one above and slides 7-10 are my contributions, while slides 2-6 came from the site. Enjoy!