Stormy Daniels Thinks You Should Watch Her Fold Laundry On Instagram During Trump’s National Address

CBS News

Tuesday night, the man who shut down the government because he wants a $5 billion border wall and/or metal fence that is somehow transparent and probably won’t prevent jack is commandeering the airwaves, interrupting the likes of black-ish and Chicago Fire for what will probably be a seven minutes hate against immigrants, refugees desperately trying to escape certain death, and anyone immune to his dangerous fear-mongering. There have already been plenty of calls for boycotts. Need an alternative? Stormy Daniels has one.

Yes, the porn star the sitting President of the United States allegedly slept with has this suggestion: When Donald J. Trump takes over the big three networks plus all the 24-hour news channels and PBS, you can instead watch her fold laundry in her unmentionables.

It’s been almost a year since Daniels filed a lawsuit in which she alleged that she slept with the then-mere reality TV star and repeatedly bankrupt businessman back in 2006. Shortly before the 2016 election, she said she was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement — which Trump forgot to also sign — and paid hush money, allegedly out of his lawyer Michael Cohen’s own pocket.

The president has repeatedly contradicted Cohen and himself in explaining what happened. Cohen, meanwhile, is going to jail on eight counts of campaign finance violation, including for the Daniels payment.

Daniels herself was mysteriously arrested in July, accused of “fondling” patrons while working at an Ohio strip club. She was quickly released without charges, however, making her free tonight to offer an amusing alternative to Trump’s likely battering ram of falsehoods and dog whistles. And for that, perhaps you can forgive her for revealing graphic (albeit funny) details about the president’s Trump.

(Via Mashable)