Stormy Daniels Has Quite The Reaction When Asked If She Had A Sexual Relationship With Donald Trump

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is treading some precarious ground as far as her alleged $130,000 non-disclosure agreement settlement goes. On Thursday evening, Daniels will appear in an interview on Inside Edition where she was asked about her not so secret possible affair with Donald Trump in 2006 — something Trump incredibly has yet to deny or comment on.

When asked point blank, “Did you have a sexual relationship with Donald Trump?” Daniels responds only by indiscriminately tilting her head and smirking — the face of a woman who has almost certainly had “textbook generic” sex with the President of the United States in a Lake Tahoe hotel room. As to whether or not she’ll admit to having any relationship with Trump, Daniels would only point to the photos taken of them together, which obviously prove at the very least, that the two have met before.

Since they clearly weren’t going to get any dirt out of her, Daniels was instead asked what she thought about her Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” impression. “Terrifying,” Daniels remarked. “Because I love SNL, and I have a little crush on him, on Colin [Jost]. And so if he said something really mean about me I would be pretty upset.”