Street Fighter Crosses Tekken, Hadoukens for Everybody

07.28.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

There are two Street Fighter/Tekken games currently in development, with Capcom releasing “Street Fighter X Tekken” first, followed by Namco releasing “Tekken X Street Fighter”.  Which surely won’t confuse any grandparents buying gifts.

Capcom showed the first gameplay footage (below) for “Street Fighter X Tekken” to a gaggle of screaming fans at Comic-Con last weekend, who react to seeing Chun-Li like we would to seeing Justin Bieber William Shatner Justin Bieber.  The fans freaking out here is more entertaining to me than the game itself.  I particularly liked the guy who felt the need to yell “HAAAAAAW SH*T” upon seeing Ryu.  Seriously?  Though, to be fair, the first time the dog in Duck Hunt laughed at my older brother, I started jumping around waving my arms wildly and yelled, “HAAAAAAW SH*T!  HE DID NOT!”

[Thanks to Kotaku for the pics and video.]

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