Meet The Sexy Brazilian Street Sweeper Who’s Sweeping The Internet

A Brazilian sensation sweeps the streets of her native Rio de Janeiro, and her Instagram page is now sweeping the internet. Rita “Sweeper Babe” Mattos thought little of the selfie collection on her Facebook and Instagram pages. A new flock of admirers believes otherwise. Almost overnight, Rita has fielded attention from entertainment-news online outlets after people started noticing a kickass dichotomy from her social media flow.

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Sol maravilhoso!!!! Boa tarde flor da tarde….

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By day, Rita works her body to the limits. By night, she hits the club scene. Street sweepers start their days 4:30 a.m. and often work up to 12 hours at a time. No wonder Rita looks so cut in those bikini shots. Thanks to her rising social media presence, modeling agents are in hot pursuit. She hasn’t reached Yanet Garcia levels of fame, but she could come close.

Rita couldn’t be more surprised at her burst of fame: “At first, I thought it was a joke in bad taste, they were criticizing me. But then I saw that the comments were positive, praising my beauty.” Rita also tells Brazil’s Extra that she’s not “too hot” for her job: “People get scared when they see a pretty girl working as a street sweeper. They say I could get a better job than stay sweeping and weeding. Why do street cleaners must necessarily be ugly? There is a prejudice. But despite that the work is quite intense, I have so much fun.” You can’t blame a girl for dusting up some good fortune.

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Ahhh preguiça tava braba…rs

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Rita hits those streets hard, so she loves to let loose and document her adventures.

She’s also a fan of those kissy-face selfies so popular across the internet.

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