Watch As This Stunt Driver Breaks A World Record For Jumping A Semi

It’s always good to see someone set a goal and achieve it, even if it’s absolutely insane. Such is the case with stunt driver Gregg Godfrey, who recently set a new world record for jumping a semi truck.

The feat took place during Evel Knievel Days (of course), which is a stunt festival held annually in Butte, Montana. In front of a crowd of 2,000, Godfrey put the pedal to the metal on his 9-ton Freightliner truck, flying off a dirt ramp for a distance of 166 feet. This jump shattered the previous mark of only 62 feet.

To make the big rig soar like a bird, Godfrey had to get the behemoth up to 70 mph. “We’ve done some things, but it’s just flat getting 70, making sure it climbs the ramp in power and it should fly,” he said.

Here’s some additional footage of the jump that Godfrey posted to Instagram:

YIKES. Good work, Greg, you crazy S.O.B.

(Via Daily Mail, KBZK)