Ha Ha, Look At This Stupid Cat. What A Stupid Cat.

Look at this idiot. Look at what this idiot does. You can’t leave a cup of milk anywhere with this bozo knocking about.

This happens so often with this dumb cat that her human isn’t even remotely taken aback. All she can do is let out a resigned, “There we go.” She’s seen this too many times to even laugh at this stupid cat being a stupid cat again, getting milk everywhere like a great big idiot.

Look at this stupid sopping wet milky cat, rearing back on its haunches like it expected a different outcome this time. Nope, you’re still covered in milk again, stupid cat. You’ll soon be smelling of sour milk and wondering why your fur is all sticky, then getting enraged when your put-upon human tries to clean the crust out of your fur before you stink up the whole neighborhood, you blundering git. You ponderous buffoon. You oafish boob. You lumbering, adorable dumbass. You cute little stupidmonster, let us pinch your stupid cheeks and hug you and get milk on our clothes. Aww, we can’t stay mad at this cat. Look at how confused she is about being covered in milk. Again. There you go, you fluffy wee moron. It’ll be all right.

(Via Arbroath)