‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster Leaked: We May Finally Get To Slap The ‘Duck Hunt’ Dog

Pictures and videos purported to be from the next Super Smash Bros. 3DS game have leaked via NeoGAF and Kotaku. Before we go to far into this, let’s point out that the “leaked screencaps” seem a little fishy, but the videos would be hard to fake. Some of the characters from this roster (like Dr. Mario) are using pre-existing graphics available on a Google image search, indicating this may just be a photoshop:

The same 4chan user who leaked the picture above also claims we’ll be able to buy Snake, Lucas, Wolf, Chorus Men, and Ice Climbers as DLC. Ah, but can I buy the polar bear from Ice Climber? I have simple needs, and those needs include embodying a polar bear with pink speedos and sunglasses while I slap the sh*t out of that stupid dog from Duck Hunt. LAUGH AT MY PINK SPEEDOS NOW, DOG.

The leaked screens and videos reveal new characters including Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. in a clown car, Xenoblade‘s Shulk, and that snickering bastard dog from Duck Hunt. The pictures also confirm the return of R.O.B. and Ness.

A Youtuber going by the appropriate name Izat True uploaded five “leaked videos” from the game. If this is true, I can’t wait to make Bowser and Bowser Jr. fight to the death. Coldblooded.

UPDATE: Those videos got pulled, but this compilation may still work (skip to 3:05 for the videos).

A few more pictures are available at NeoGAF and Kotaku.