Let This Supercut Of All Your Favorite Celebrities Falling Remind You That We’re All Embarrassingly Human

Jennifer Lawrence, Robbie Williams, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. What do all these people have in common? Is it that they’re all incredibly wealthy? Yes! Is it that they’re all talented performers? Also, yes! But that’s not important, because there’s one more thing all of these luminaries (and Robbie Williams) have in common: They’ve all fallen on stage to varying degrees of shame and humiliation. And this video? This video’s got it all and more.

If there’s one thing you’ll get out of watching your favorite celebrities slip and slide all over the stage when you click play, it’s the comfort of knowing that A) falling is completely normal and happens to all of us, B) that at least your most terrible falls weren’t recorded and then broadcast for the world to see, and C) at least you probably don’t continue flailing like Katy Perry as she takes a hard tumble on stage.

Plus, it’s Wednesday. Why not take a few seconds off and enjoy some prime schadenfreude?