Supercut: Great 'Dudes' In Film History (AKA The Dudercut)

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03.28.12 2 Comments

“Dude” is easily the most overused colloquialism of the past twenty years. At least among friends, anyway. And if not the title holder elsewhere it’s been in constant contention. The weird thing is there’s still no serious backlash. Whereas “bro” should only be used ironically as far as I’m concerned, “dude” just continues to play and no one dares call it to the carpet. Really quite amazing if you sit back and think about it, which is pretty much what I’m doing right now, except I’m substituting my keyboard for my brain.

Anyhoo, some “dude” usage in cinema is superior to others, and the fine folks at Slackstory have recently targeted their supercutting skills on that phrase in film. Lebowski is obviously there, accompanied by several underrated favorites of mine, like the “dude” usage in Baseketball, Tropic Thunder, and Goldmember, a flick that on the whole is a stinker but gave the world a few brilliant one liners (“There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures. And the Dutch.”).

Revisit the pinnacle of Ashton Kutcher’s career after the jump.

Slackstory via The High Definite

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