Superheroes Get The Classic Art Treatment In Worth 1000’s ‘Superhero ModRen’

Last time we checked in on the skilled members of Worth 1000, they were photoshopping celebrities into classic paintings. They also have a long-running contest in which members photoshop superheroes into iconic art works. They call it Superhero ModRen, as it started out with superheroes placed in the Renaissance era. It’s since expanded to iconic paintings of other eras, like the Gotham City version of Nighthawks above created by tysmiff07.

We’ve collected our favorite 35 photoshops out of the 281 entries in nine different Superhero ModRen contests at Worth 1000. Thanks to GAS for the assist.

Wonder Woman by FlashDaz

Batman Descending by octopede

Wonder Woman by DutchPuh

The Hulk by Terrence (based on “Battle of Anghiari”)


Little Supergirl by aards2

Wolverine and Goliath by davidowens

Soaring through a Starry Night by Todd1000

The Great Wave of Aquaman! by puzopia

Declaration of Independence by ufurgger

Dr.Manhattan by chanmart

The Joker by philcheese

Deadpool Beheading Holofernes by ufurgger

Hypatia Spider by traveller5000

The Justice Supper by FeedBack

Raphael’s Ironman by artluverr1967

Superman Crossing by Avenwhell

Bat signal by YuriNicolaiko

Gogh’s Self Portrait by ToughMashinski

Creation of Captain America by Whateverkc

Pre Catwomen by aards2

Spiderman by steveRS

Gold by KingDiamond

Hulk with head of Goliath by ufurgger

Goliath Slain by ufurgger

Lady Wonder by kitryne

Aquaman by Jacques Louis David by ghimm

Superman’s Arrival by fabioKrieger

Kryptonite by dushka2001

Abe by KingDiamond

Wolverine van Gogh By Mattsen77

That Girl Is So Poisonous!! by CreativePixie

Joker’s Self Portrait by smlxl

Dark Knight by Bigwater