Bruce Timm And Zack Snyder Teamed Up To Give Superman A Helluva 75th Birthday Present

Superman is 75-years-old this year, so to celebrate, Bruce Timm — whose animated takes on the DC Universe are almost universally beloved — and Zack Snyder — whose take on Superman was met with uh, a less enthusiastic reaction — teamed up to create a two-minute animated history of The Man of Steel.

Thankfully the cartoon is more Bruce Timm than Zack Snyder, which is to say it’s pretty freakin’ great. No stone is left unturned, with even some of Superman’s less fondly remembered and/or silly moments being represented. Red and Blue electric Superman? In there. Black Lois Lane? Yup. The Superfriends? Oh yeah. That time he fought Muhammad Ali? Well, you can’t actually see Ali’s face, but you know it’s him.

Check out the video below…

That beginning bit with Superman running towards the camera then flying up the side of the Daily Planet is more stirring and exciting than all of Man of Steel combined. And I liked Man of Steel!

via Comics Alliance