Surfing Mice and Links

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PICTURES: “Skidmark the mouse rides a wave on a custom surf board at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia. Shane Willmot has been surfing mice for so long his current surfing stars are the grandchildren of his original surfing mouse troupe” [via Telegraph]

Will Ferrell: From SNL to the Internet and Beyond. Read it in your home on whore island. [Uproxx]

New meme: LOL Mel Gibson [

Olivia Munn’s second appearance on the Daily Show [WarmingGlow]

Scuba dog? Scuba dog. [WithLeather]

The CSI Effect: Fact Vs. Fiction (Infographic) [NextRound]

27 Pictures of Crazy Sushi [Urlesque]

Prince says “The internet’s completely over.” [TheSmokingSection]

The 8 most impressive competitive eating records of all-time [Guyism]

“7 Computer Features I Wish I Could Use in Real Life” [CollegeHumor]

Batman’s Rogues Gallery Gets A Flickr Gallery [ComicsAlliance]

The 7 Most Bizarre Sports Rituals In The World [Ranker]

The Five Best and Worst Films of 2010 So Far [Pajiba]

VIDEO BELOW: Surfing mice. [via HYST]

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