A New Soda War Is Brewing Between Surge And Mountain Dew

If you’re of a certain age, you remember the Cola Wars. It was a dark time for us, when families were divided over Pepsi and Coke and those who liked RC were thrown to rabid wolves. Recently, there’s been a few beefs within the chain restaurant community. Notably Wendy’s and Burger King and their epic Twitter war and IHOP throwing shade at McDonald’s last year when Ronald rolled out all day breakfast. Now a new rivalry has been started between Surge and Mountain Dew.

Surge is the quintessential ’90s soft drink (besides OK Soda, Josta, and Orbitz) and was brought back to market after well over a decade due to The Surge Movement; an online group of Surge fanatics who demanded that their beloved soda needed to be in their lives again. Sales of the soda were limited on Amazon a few years ago, but late last year Coca-Cola decided to roll out Surge to select states. Last week, someone posted an image of what appears to be an ad for Mountain Dew on the Surge Love Facebook page with a hashtag #DewNeverLeft which is supposed to be a direct hit to Surge’s #SurgeComeback hashtag.

However, if you check Mountain Dew’s latest hashtag, it yields zero results. What gives? Is this really an ad produced by PepsiCo or could it be from a lone Dew addict with a bit of Photoshop skills and copywriting knowledge? Maybe it’s from a Surge fan trying to create their own feud, sort of like how an indie band faked a sex tape leak. If this is in fact the start of a new soft drink war, maybe Pepsi should just double down and bring back both Pepsi Blue and Crystal Pepsi.

(Via: Daily Dot)