Sending Cleavage Selfies To Piers Morgan Is Apparently The Best Way To Support Susan Sarandon

The internet took notice over the weekend when actress Susan Sarandon wore a rather revealing outfit for the SAG Awards. The 69-year-old star wore what appeared to be a white jacket barely adorned over a black bra, and everyone took notice. Especially former CNN personality Piers Morgan, who was especially miffed because he thought Sarandon’s wardrobe choice was tacky in light of the fact she was presenting the awards show’s In Memoriam segment.

What followed was a predictable bout of social media-fueled outrage. However, something else happened. Something else that neither Sarandon nor Morgan had intended, but was nonetheless… interesting. That’s because Sarandon caught wind of Morgan’s online shenanigans and decided to share a #TBT with him on Thursday.

Morgan, ever the gentleman, returned the favor (sort of).

Later, he tried to clear the air. How? By commending Sarandon’s cleavage, but reemphasizing his previous point about her decision to show it off during the In Memoriam segment.

What followed was a cavalcade of “cleavage selfies” taken by women on Twitter in support of Sarandon’s SAG Awards fashion. Not just cleavage selfies posted blindly to the internet, mind you, but tweeted directly at Morgan as a form of response to his earlier criticism of Sarandon.

Hours after the initial exchange with Sarandon, Morgan returned to acknowledge that he was buried in a mound of breast selfies. Being the wordsmith that he is, he uttered four simple words that expressed his supposedly perilous situation.

And, for good measure, added an additional swipe at feminists.

(Via Mashable)