Susan Sarandon Dishes On Her Twitter Feud With Debra Messing

For a lot of celebrities, the internet is a weird place where their every move is scrutinized and often times weird things end up as headline news. The most recent of which was a Twitter debate between Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing about presidential candidates. Essentially, Susan Sarandon #FeelsTheBern and is an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, voicing her distrust of Hillary Clinton.

That didn’t sit well with Debra Messing and the two had a bit of a Twitter squabble which resulted in headlines about how Sarandon would vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Sarandon appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen recently and the Twitter beef with Messing came up, only for Sarandon to kind of shrug over how big of a deal it became.

Sarandon did have some choice words for Messing, including claiming that she had “too much time on her hands,” and that Sarandon doesn’t even really know Messing. “Did you know her before then,” Cohen asked, only for Sarandon to retort with, “No, I don’t know her now.” It looks like this whole incident has been neatly tucked away for the time being, but it’s still fascinating to see just how these sort of small Twitter exchanges can become huge news.