A Suspected Cannibal Shut His Loud Neighbors Up In The Worst Way

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Here’s something truly terrifying: A 64-year-old Russian man was reportedly so fed up with his “alcoholic” neighbors and their incessant partying that he found the most gruesome way to silence them forever — by reportedly killing and chopping them all up.

The unidentified St. Petersburg man told police he killed the married couple after an argument over their loud parties. Apparently, the man had enough and decided his neighbors had to die in order for him to get some peace and quiet. He stated to police that he made a silencer for his gun and shot the victims, a 47-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman.

After shooting and killing the victims, the senior citizen claimed he dismembered the victims’ bodies and then boiled their body parts, heads included, in a large pot on a gas stove. While police suspect the man may have eaten parts of their flesh, the man claims he simply boiled their bodies and then tried to flush them down the toilet.

Unfortunately for the killer, his toilet was no match for the boiled body parts and clogged up the sewer system for the entire apartment building. The blockage led to a plumber discovering the body parts and calling the police. This led to the investigation and the man becoming the prime suspect before he confessed to the gruesome crime.

(Via Crimefeed)

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