Swamp Thing Crashes Date Night In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Constantine: The Hellblazer’

John Constantine has lost his ghosts, thanks to a mistake he made as a young man. Currently, though, he’s trying to make up for past mistakes and be a bit healthier in his relationships. Unfortunately for him, though, he’s still the rake and the warlock, and Swamp Thing needs his expertise.

Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV have, over the course of this book’s relaunch, taken John Constantine back to his roots: He’s selfish, flawed, and more than a little hedonistic… but he’s trying to do better, and learn from his past mistakes. The book’s also taken the step of exploring the character’s bisexuality in more detail, something that even the Vertigo books haven’t really dug into, which has led to some fascinating sides of Constantine’s personality: It turns out he’s a lousy boyfriend no matter which gender he’s dealing with.

That said, more open about his life or not, he’s still the magnificent manipulative jerk who often outwits his enemies. And so, he gets visits from unwanted guests he somehow needs to explain to his wanted ones…

To see how Swamp Thing and Constantine get along, or more likely don’t, check out Constantine: The Hellblazer #7, on sale next week on stands and digitally.