The Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Trolled Trump With An All-Female Administration Photo

On Friday, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin signed a piece of climate change legislation and posted it on Twitter for the world to see. Any other picture of a world dignitary signing a law may not mean anything, but in the picture, Lövin is surrounded by only women, which some are taking as a dig at Donald Trump.

Trump has made it a recurring motif to take pictures of his executive order signings, perhaps to document every step of his presidency. These signings are followed by him showing off his signature to the press and a cavalcade of staff admiring his work. Well, Sweden must have thought two can play at that game.

Lövin, who also serves as Sweden’s climate minister, signed a piece of climate change legislation which promises zero net greenhouse gas emission in the country by 2045. It’s an ambitious law that could open the door to improving the lives of everyone in the country, which is the opposite of the photo they may be parodying. In Trump’s photo, he is signing an executive order that blocks nongovernment organizations that provide abortion services or support it as a reproductive choice from receiving federal funds. In essence, it restricts women’s reproductive rights and to add insult to injury, Trump is surrounded by only men when putting pen to paper:

Getty Image

Sweden has not elaborated further on the photo, but taking that it describes itself as the “first feminist government in the world,” they may be throwing subtle shade at The Donald.

(Via Mic)