This Dog Realizes He Can Just Stand Up And Walk Around The Pool, So Why Not?

Dogs are human’s best friends; carefully bred over the years to just want to be around us, to rely on us and to be our pals when we need ’em. In fact, while I write this, my two Australian Heelers are hanging out by my desk being brats. So while humans don’t always have the best track records when it comes to caring for dogs, dogs are known for just always being there for us and bringing us comfort. On top of that, they are also incredible sources of entertainment, sometimes without even knowing it.

Mashable brings us the latest bit of dogs being adorable and entertaining with Cody. Cody is a Labrador and he enjoys hanging out in by and inside of the pool. It was 100 degrees in New Mexico today so I absolutely understand his affinity for pools. Why does Cody have a pool and I don’t? Am I actually jealous of a dog? What a strange world. Anyway, Cody loves pools and none of us can blame him. His owner has been teaching him to do tricks in the pool, but his latest stunt is really something to behold; he figured out that he can just stand on his hind legs and walk around.

That’s right, Cody the Labrador has figured out how to walk on two legs like a human. Sure, it’s just inside of his pool, but damn it, he’s still doing it. As anyone who has a dog can attest, dogs like to be around their people and even try to do people things. Dogs are ridiculous, but they really do light up our lives, don’t they?

(Via Mashable)