The Symmetrical Celebrities Project: Important Facial Research You Didn't Know You Needed

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03.04.13 23 Comments

Ever see a photo of yourself and think, “Man, the non-mirror version of my face sure does look f*cking weird”? No? Me neither. It’s nice to be surrounded by others with such perfectly symmetrical features. But I’ve heard there are some unfortunate-looking people out there who have thought just that thought. And with (maybe) that concept in mind one Redditor took on the task of matching single sides of celebrity faces to create sixteen “Symmetrical Celebrities”. You know, FOR SCIENCE.

There’s a good bit of distortion that helps amplify some creepiness (for instance, last I checked the only thing Mel Gibson doesn’t suffer from is Hulk neck), but the project also provides some confirmations: 1) Jennifer Lawrence has great face, 2) Anne Hathaway’s lizard ancestry, and 3) Christina Hendricks… well, um, I think you can deduce the above for yourself.

Source: Reddit

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