The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Video Explainer

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Since 2011, the civil war blazing a path through Syria has resulted in a mass exodus, with neighboring countries scrambling to find the means to support the influx of refugees simply looking for shelter from the torrent of crimes being perpetrated on them. What started off as a protest movement against President Bashar al-Assad, has turned into a violent clash of Syrian government, rebellious forces, and several factions all gunning to control land and resources.

The war is threatening to tear the country apart, with many innocent denizens struggling to free themselves from the crosshairs of those in power whose atrocities range from torture to murder. With no clear end in sight, it remains to be seen if the violent flames will continue to sweep across the nation, or if a peaceful resolution can ever be reached.

For those interested in catching up on the crisis, we’ve provided a primer that will help you understand some of the moving parts in this tragic conflict.