T.I. Is Joining Tom Cruise in ‘We Mortals Are’ And Being Courted By Marvel, Claims T.I.

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Rapper T.I. (née Clifford Joseph Harris) — who ventured into acting with roles in Takers, American Gangster, and ATL — recently gave an interview where he dropped a couple comics-related movie updates. Around 3:30 in the video below, he says he has a role opposite Tom Cruise in We Mortals Are, the movie previously named All You Need Is Kill which follows Cruise’s character as a soldier fighting an alien invasion who keeps reliving the final day of his life, Groundhog Day style. T.I. didn’t elaborate on which role director Doug Liman (Jumper, The Bourne Identity) wants him to take.

T.I. also says (at 3:10 in the video), “There is a Marvel comics franchise that has been requesting my availability.” I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually signed to any of these projects or just trying to get signed. It was only a couple weeks ago he was saying he was up for a role in a DC Comics film.

Assuming Marvel is seeking T.I. for a role, who do they want him to play? Young Nick Fury in a flashback? Blade? Miles Morales? Falcon? Black Panther? Or maybe (but almost certainly not) this guy:

Awwww yeah.

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