'T-Rex Trying…' Is The Most Delightfully Sad Tumblr

It’s been just four weeks since the above picture of a lonely Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to paint his house hit Tumblr, but nearly 30,000 notes later, “The Unfortunate Trials Of The Tyrant Lizard King” was born and artist Hugh Murphy had a full-fledged Internet hit on his hands. Known more conveniently as “T-Rex Trying…,” the simple drawings follow the adventures of a modern day dinosaur attempting to fit in with us humans by performing regular tasks, only he finds them impossible because of his stumpy arms. He’s like a more adorable Tom Cruise.

After the jump, I’ve included my favorite of Murphy’s efforts, but there are plenty more on his site. So grab a box of tissues and try not to feel too bad for the deadly carnivore and his misadventures, because T-Rex would probably still rip your face off and eat your entire body whole. And it would be adorable.

Source: The Unfortunate Trials Of The Tyrant Lizard King