Taco Bell Introduces New Culinary Abomination To Troll The Internet With: A Burrito Filled With Nachos

Dildoish Twitter monster Darren Rovell just tweeted out the latest effort in an ongoing campaign by the fast food industry to troll the entire internet: a burrito filled with an order of nachos that Taco Bell is calling the “Beefy Nacho Burrito.”

Writes Rovell:

FIRST LOOK: Taco Bell launching Beefy Nacho Burrito on Wednesday: Nachos inside a burrito (99 cents)

Nice to see Taco Bell isn’t resting on its laurels following the release of the Doritos taco shell taco. The best trolls are always the strivers and the innovators, like the bottle opening game-changer below…

I’ll stick to my occasional beef meximelt, thank you very much.