Taco Bell President Brian Niccol Hosted A Reddit AMA And He Has Plenty Of Jokes

As if you couldn’t tell by the social media marketing campaigns and the latest TV commercial that takes on McDonald’s in a clever way, there’s a bit of a sense of humor behind-the-scenes at Taco Bell. So when the company’s president, Brian Niccol, decided to swing by Reddit and a few other sites today for some live Q&A sessions with fans and consumers, it was a pretty safe bet that we’d be in for some jokes. While he didn’t answer all of the pressing questions in his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Niccol was kind enough to cover what he could in the time he had available, and yes, he did it with some humor.

Obviously, the big news for Taco Bell is today’s launch of the nationwide breakfast menu and especially the Waffle Taco, which breakfast pundits like myself have been very eager to get our hands on since their limited release in California last year. In fact, while you can read a pretty thorough review of the items at the Smoking Section, my intense, expert analysis of every item will be published tomorrow. It’s going to be the conclusion of a great deal of personal work – and possibly my heartbeat – and I will certainly be submitting it to the Pulitzer committee.

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights of Niccol’s Reddit AMA…

Make no mistake, Niccol had a job to do and had to present himself in a very presidential manner, no matter the platform or audience. So there were many questions to be asked that could only be handled in a professional way, especially since there were plenty of people who didn’t have the nicest things to say. But he did answer one question that I’m sure many people want to know the answer to.

Video or it didn’t happen. As for those not-nice people, here’s a quick sampling of the really bold and hot takes that some Redditors brought to la fiesta.

Good luck with your fight, friend.

Cool opinion, Internet guy. Some people had actual complaints, though, and the best of them provided pictures.

That link it this picture:

To which Niccol responded:

But of course there were jokes to be made.

You guys, what if the prez of the TB doesn’t know what 420 means, man?

I told you Niccol has some jokes. But what about your aspirations, El Presidente? What’s next for Brian Niccol beyond today?

Can you fit “Watch your back!” on a Fire Sauce packet? Oh, and speaking of the products, let’s get the inside scoop on the good stuff.

Actually, according to rumors and/or reports, the various Mountain Dew flavors that are currently indigenous to Taco Bell are expected to hit stores in May. None of them matter, though, because Code Red is the best. Mountain Dew was a popular topic for Niccol, too.

I told you Brian Niccol gots jokes!

Then a strange thing happened. Of all people, Michael Ian Black showed up – at least I hope it was Michael Ian Black, because if it was a fake, that’s kind of pathetic – and he stated his case to be Taco Bell’s new spokesman.

And that YouTube link is for this all-too-real video that Black made:

He wasn’t done yet.

Man, and I thought that I was obsessed with Taco Bell. Alas, not all was as fun and happy as I have made this AMA out to be. One question was asked several times and I couldn’t find it answered anywhere. It’s also a question that I have asked Taco Bell numerous times on Twitter. It seems that no one wants to answer this question, and I, for one, am sick and tired of this controversy.

I assume the reason that nobody is answering is because we’re going to find out that the sauce came from a far away planet that we are now at war with, or it’s just a horrible mix of chemicals that will eventually make us explode. Either way, whatever. Bring it back already, Taco Bell.