Taiwanese Animation Does Its Best To Make The ‘Superman Quits His Job To Become A Blogger” Story Interesting

10.26.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

So, we haven’t really reported on the big earth-shaking news that Superman has quit his job at The Daily Planet to become a blogger because, eh, who cares? I suppose I should think it’s cool Superman now does the same job I do, but mostly I’m just fatigued by DC’s hapless attempts to make Superman young and hip.

Also, I doubt Superman comics are going to accurately portray the blogging experience. For instance, I bet surprisingly little page-space is going to be devoted to Clark Kent moderating comment sections while eating Beefaroni in his sweatpants.

Thankfully I don’t ever have to write about the Superman quitting situation again because Taiwanese animation masters NMA have got the story covered


It’s the little, subtle things that make these videos great — like the bit where Superman smokes an American flag colored bong in front of a Walmart-sized unemployment office with Andy Capp. It just works on so many levels.

via ComicsAlliance

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