Take A Beautiful But Creepy Tour Of An Abandoned Indiana Waterpark

07.18.11 8 years ago

I sense a trend of young filmmakers visiting abandoned public places, filming the decay and featuring it in long tracking shots, setting the whole thing to ominous music, and posting it on the internet. Is this a thing? I think it is! And I kind of love it.

One of the first videos like this to catch my eye was this one on the Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans that was abandoned after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Today Ufford alerted me to similar type of short film by Mike Eisenberg, a filmmaker who also writes for Screenrant. His latest, “Watered Down,” features the abandoned Splash Down Dunes waterpark in Indiana, and it’s pretty captivating. Here’s what it looked like when it was still operating. Enjoy.

(HT: @boomtisca)

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