Take A Tour Of Some Of The Weirdest Holiday Traditions From Across The Globe

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We’re all familiar with Krampus and his just punishments against the naughty children of Europe, but he’s far from alone in the world of odd holiday traditions. This clips tries to highlight a few of the stranger acts from around the world, including a log that poops gifts in Catalonia, trees decorated with fake spiders and webs in the Ukraine, and my personal favorite, Japan goes “Kentucky For Christmas” with runs of KFC on Christmas eve.

Oddly missing is Black Peter, the Dutch myth that has been in the news quite a bit recently. I guess the problem there is two-fold since he shares a lot of qualities with Krampus and is depicted with some horribly racist behavior. Also missing is your drunken grandfather sh*tting on the front lawn and hanging the U.S. flag upside down.

(Via Buzzfeed Blue)

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