Take A Trip To This Chinese Mall Where Shoppers Were Rewarded For Showing Up Without Clothes

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Desigual Semi-Naked Contest

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Shopping naked seems to be a global event these days. Recently there have been several shopping gimmicks where consumers are tasked with showing up to the store “naked” or sans clothes in exchange for free clothing. Back in 2012, Spanish clothing store Desigual held an event to mark the grand opening of their store in Madrid. They also tried the same thing in Germany, all along the same set of guidelines. From Huffington Post:

* You get up early in the morning (just to be one of the first 100 to arrive) and head to your Desigual Store in Madrid,Preciados. (*).

* You strip down to your underwear… and in you go!

* Doors open at 9.00 am.

* You look around, try some clothes on, check yourself out in the mirror and choose your favourite Desigual outfit (one top and one bottom).

* You go to the cash desk and don’t pay a penny! We’ll just remove the alarms from your clothing!

Well back in November, the same phenomenon happened in China. The big difference is that this rash of “naked” shoppers had less to do with commerce and more to do with love. From CCTV:

A shopping mall in Wuhan City decided to offer free clothes to the first 200 people to enter in their underwear on Singles’ Day.
Probably to make sure there were some good photos from the event, the organisers also invited along 100 underwear-clad models. And there’s no better confidence booster than standing next to a model, in your underwear.

OK, maybe I lied about it being less about commerce. It’s always about commerce when a shopping mall is involved. It also seems to be about building confidence. And seeing models in their undies.

Singles’ Day seems like a lot of weird fun. Good for them, I guess. You can see more of the event via the clip below.

(Via CCTV News / Complex Magazine)

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