Take A Knee: ‘After Earth’ Gets It’s Well-Earned ‘Honest Trailers’ Shaming

If there’s one movie that deserves the Honest Trailers treatment, it’s After Earth. I mean, the trailers made After Earth look at least okay, right? Okay enough that I went to watch the movie at the cheap seats at least. Well, I can assure you the movie was very much not okay. Your almost entirely negative review was too generous, Dan.

I’m pretty sure M. Night Shyamalan directed most of the movie while asleep. Just all tucked into bed like Haley Joel Osment. Hell, I think most of the people involved in the movie took a lot of naps — well, except Will Smith, who spent all his time inserting weird, uncomfortably true to life scenes in which he berates and undermines his son into the movie.

Anyways, as promised, a more honest look at the movie…

Ugh, that f–king scene where Jaden is saved by the bird. Ugh. UGGGGGH.

via The Hollywood Reporter