Taken Nemo: The 'Taken' Meets 'Finding Nemo' Mashup Finally Happened

The plot similarities being what they are, it’s kind of hard to believe it has TAKEN this long for a YouTuber to FIND the inspiration to mash up the audio from the original Taken trailer with the animation from Finding Nemo. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might conjecture that the timing is convenient to subconsciously suggest that Liam Neeson’s daughter getting kidnapped for a second time is totally believable. A compilation video of Maggie Grace not knowing how to run would probably have been just as effective though.

Anyhoo, if the idea of Nemo taking a darker, Liam-Neeson-out-vengance-y turn sounds fun, the above video is for you. I’m not one to complain about video editing (my supercut of all the times Samantha acted like a slut on Sex in the City still isn’t finished) but I really wish Stebbokun had managed to make Marlin come off as a bit more of a badass. He’s still kinda Marlin. Probably not much to work with there from the animation front. Hopefully Albert Brooks will bring a little Drive into the recording booth for Nemo 2.

YouTube via The Daily What

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