Target Suffered A Nationwide Cash Register Outage, Leading To Huge Lines And Social Media Freakouts


It was a lazy late spring Saturday, except at the nation’s Targets. During the afternoon, the retail giant was plagued by a cash register outage that extended from sea to shining sea, with an apocalyptic software crash that made it impossible to scan credit cards, among other things. As per tweets (and CNN) lines were long, and the tweets were plentiful.

“Our teams are troubleshooting now and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will provide an update as soon as possible,” Target’s social media account announced in a separate tweet.

And yet customers didn’t give up, nor did Target employees. People stayed to purchase their items as employees rang them up manually. Everyone rallied together so the wheels of capitalism could continue spinning.

The Target meltdown lasted into the afternoon, and some reported that it was like society crumbling around them, turning consumer’s days into an epic Lord of the Flies. One even compared it to the dreaded Fyre Festival.

Some tried to power through the ordeal, for the hopes of buying some cheap bulk paper towels.

Others did give up.

It was not clear how many of Target’s 1,800 locations were affected by the outage, but it did occur in spots all over the country. By late afternoon it was reported that some locations had gotten back to normal, restoring peace to an otherwise uneventful weekend day.

(Via CNN)

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