4Chan Is Sending Taylor Swift To Sing On The Campus Of A School For The Deaf

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08.30.12 8 Comments

Last we checked in on the ridiculously organized trolling activities at 4Chan they were naming Mountain Dew’s new flavor, “Diabeetus.” Not to be outdone by those efforts, the anonymous sun-deprived masses — with the help of some Reddit admirers — are currently in the midst of hijacking a promotion from Chegg and Papa John’s to send Taylor Swift to a winning school for an intimate storyteller session.

The school currently in the lead? You guessed it: The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, Massachusetts.

The shenanigans work like this: visit the site, like Taylor Swift on Facebook (no one said there wouldn’t be sacrifices!), and search for “Horace Mann School for the Deaf.” Above is the most recent voting screengrab. Needless to say the H-Manners have built up quite the lead.

The top five vote-getting schools each receive a $10,000 grant for their music department, so there’s that. If you’ll excuse me I need to work through some complicated feelings as to whether I despise these people or respect the sh*t out of them.

Via Gawker & Reddit

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