Taylor Swift Says The Hackers Claiming They Have Her Nude Pics Are Full Of It

Taylor Swift won't be bullied
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If last year’s incredible celebrity hack taught us anything, it’s that celebrities take a lot of nude photos of themselves and nobody is safe from hackers, especially if you’re using the same password that President Skroob keeps on his luggage. Taylor Swift gave us a quick reminder of this looming danger earlier today when so-called hackers got ahold of her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but then she also reminded us that she’s Taylor-f*cking-Swift by unleashing the power of social media to shut those jerks down.

According to TMZ, though, these members of something called The Lizard Squad weren’t just content to Tweet a couple stupid messages from the “Shake it Off” singer’s account. They’ve apparently threatened to release nude pics as well. Presumably of Swift, since nobody cares what @lizzard and @veriuser look like naked.

The Lizard Squad claims to have hacked major gaming systems — such as Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live — last year. They also claim to be behind Monday’s Facebook and Instagram outage.

Now, the hackers say they’re planning to post naked shots of Taylor. (Via TMZ)

Swift responded to the actual “hacking” (I use quotes because I consider hacking to be more than logging into someone’s Twitter account) with a little zinger that made her fans go crazy…

She also thanked Hayley Williams from Paramore for being the one to alert her to the strange Tweets coming from her account, as well as that haunting image of a man perched on top of a toilet seat. But then she threw down the ultimate gauntlet with the fire of a billion tween pop fans by addressing those alleged nude pics…

A photoshop challenge? Awesome! Here, I’ll start…

Taylor Swift being fired into the sun on a rocket
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