Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Are Dating And The Fandoms Are Going Nuts

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Well, well, well. A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris after about a year of dating, which was fairly shocking to Swift fans who grow invested in such things. The internet spent multiple days looking for clues to ascertain what on earth caused such a catastrophe. Unfortunately for those looking for some dish, Harris put speculation to rest by telling the world there was no drama. Well, it looks like Swift wasted no time in moving on. Only two weeks later, The Sun has published photos of Swift and Hiddleston locking lips while sitting on a rock in a sort-of-romantic beach setting.

Was there any indication that these two even knew each other? Few people picked up on this, but in April, Swift and Hiddleston danced together at the Met Gala to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” Yes, you read that correctly. Swift and Hiddleston danced while she was still with Harris. Scandal.

As one can imagine, the two fandoms — which are both incredibly devoted — are going a little crazy on Twitter right now. One person seems pleased, but perhaps they just wanted to drop a Loki gif.

Other people are feeling shocked and expressing jealousy. Fortunately, they’re also aware that they care too much.

And there’s a Gif party at hand too. Lots and lots of slammed doors, crying, and screaming will be had over these two crazy kids.

Yes, there are Loki and Tesseract jokes to be had too. This is going to be a fun diversion, isn’t it? How unexpected.