This Teacher Definitely Needs To Learn To Turn Off The Projector During Class

There are many things that could go wrong in the middle of a full classroom of students, some horribly terrifying and others just plain embarrassing. This post from over on Reddit is on the latter part of the scale, almost down around peeing in your pants in front of everybody.

Not only is this teacher look bored to tears, he’s also forgotten to turn off the projector. This means that his idea to surf the internet and possibly buy his wife something tastefully erotic is revealed to everybody else in the class in real time. Worse yet, he has not clue. I can imagine the look on his face when he finds out what he’s done, though.

Ways this could take an even funnier turn is if he continues looking up weirder and weirder things in front of the students. Snuff films, weird Japanese food sites, dark net black market junk, or his dating profile. Even better is if he didn’t it all knowingly, looking to catch people not paying attention to their work. Jokes on you, kids, this teacher is onto your games and he doesn’t want any of your tomfoolery.

Best part would be if the lingerie wasn’t for his wife, but he was just browsing for personal use. Nothing wrong with that. Should help with his golf swing.

(Via Bro Bible)