A Brief Chat With The Man Who Offered Ted Cruz’s Female Doppelganger An Adult Film Deal

Searcy Hayes, a 21-year-old from Natchez, Mississippi, ignited the Internet last week after she appeared on Maury to discuss the paternity of her child. But Hayes’ taking over of our hearts and minds had nothing to do with the fact that she wanted to know who the father was and everything to do with the fact that she looks exactly like possible Zodiac Killer and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Now, with the announcement that she’s set to star in an adult film (which will net her a cool $10,000 for six minutes of uninterrupted hardcore action), Hayes is threatening to become an even bigger sensation when her video drops on XHamster. But will the video capitalize on her uncanny resemblance to Cruz? I spoke to Mike Kulich, XHamster’s publicist to find out.

Before we begin, let me put your mind at ease: the video is real, has already been shot (Kulich confirmed via text that it happened last night), and is coming for your eyeballs very, very soon. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Becoming a viral hit guarantees that you’ll either end up on Ellen (Like ‘Damn, Daniel’) or be offered a tremendous amount of money for the pornographic film you’ll (probably) never make. Kim Davis was offered $500,000 to make an x-rated feature (provided it was both lesbian and interracial), Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, took the money and made a video, and even Tan Mom made an appearance in an all-male (and Tan Mom) feature. So why not Searcy Hayes?

“She’s totally down for it,” says Kulich, who spoke to me by phone Monday afternoon. He’s talked with Hayes personally, and she jumped at the idea of being in an adult film.

“I just offered her $10,000 and she was all about it.”

Why is she all about it? Hayes, speaking to The Huffington Post, said she’s planning to use all the money from the short film to support her family and get her son everything he wants. Kulich confirms that’s a huge possibility, as “$10,000 goes a long way in Mississippi.”

“Is the amount of money to offer something you fought over?” I ask. $10,000 isn’t a negligible amount, but considering Mama June was offered a cool million to perform by Vivid, Hayes could have held out for more, especially now that she’s demanding a DNA test to determine whether she and Cruz really are related.

“No, that was just the initial offer that we wanted to do and she accepted it,” Kulich said. Would they have paid more if Hayes had asked? Kulich could only respond to that with a very polite “no comment.” But he did spill the details of what the sex tape will look like. Some have speculated (everyone in your office) that it’d be a politically-themed video. But Kulich says it’s really going to be an amateur affair that’s all about Hayes, her fiance, and an iPhone that now knows just a little too much.

“It’s going to be a six-minute video and her face has to be visible and she’s doing it with her fiance,” Kulich says.

“No storyline?” I ask. “Nothing about what she has to wear? It just has to be 6 minutes and her face has to be visible?”

“Exactly,” Kulich says before telling me that Hayes and her fiance will be the ones doing all the filming. “They’ll be holding the phones” and the couple’s video won’t be edited, either. Kulich says that the public will see “raw footage” the couple shot directly.

It might be easy to accuse XHamster of preying on someone who may not know better, but Kulich denies that there’s any truth to that:

“People say it may be predatory,” he says. “But you know the moment we offered her the deal she immediately said yes.”

It’s hard to knock that, because everyone involved is an adult, but before last week, Hayes didn’t even know who Ted Cruz was.

“When Maury was interviewing her, he asked ‘Do you think Ted Cruz is going to get elected?'” Kulich says. “She goes, ‘I don’t really know who he is but I think he might get re-elected.'”

Everyone can witness Hayes’ sex tape in all its political-lookalike glory on XHamster sometime next week (if all goes to plan), where it will be free to watch for anyone not currently living in North Carolina (which XHamster blocked due to the state’s new anti-LGBT+ legislation).

If the video’s a success, Kulich says, another one may not be out of the question. Perhaps we’re just witnessing the beginning of Hayes’ illustrious adult film career?