Sad Ted Cruz Now Appears To Regret Missing His Daughter’s Birthday After His Mega Midterm Bus Tour Didn’t Stop Democrats

Ted Cruz has been a busy man lately. For some odd reason, he invested time riding in the recent Houston Astros championship parade (and had a beer chucked at him in the process). He also recently stopped by The View, where protesters trashed him as a “piece of sh*t,” and Ted’s also been ceaselessly touring for months to support a so-called “red wave” that did not happen on Midterm Election Day.

It’s not looking pretty for the GOP. Yes, J.D. Vance won in Ohio, and there were plenty of scattered GOP victories across the U.S., but John Fetterman bested Dr. Oz, and Lauren Boebert may very well have lost her election bid to a relatively unknown candidate, Adam Frisch. Meanwhile, Ted went live with a special Election Night podcast extravaganza, during which he admitted that maybe he wasted time on that super-mega bus tour. “Now that hurts,” he remarked about stiffing his family.

As Cruz tells it, Heidi had absolutely enough after he didn’t come “home for a long time.” And no wonder: even though he planned to take his daughter to a World Series game, “I missed my daughter Catherine’s 12th birthday.” Why did he do so? “Because I was out doing a rally to save this country.” It’s not great, and Ted conceded that “I have been doing politics now for a decade,” but he’s never seen Heidi so mad at him after he chose to be political in Florida rather than celebrate his daughter’s birth.

It’s saying quite a lot that Heidi put up with Ted elbowing her in the face during a rally and how he refused to defend her to Trump, who had taken potshots at Heidi’s looks. Yet it appears that Ted went several steps too far with his devotion to the bus tour, and she let him know as much. Sad!