Ted Danson Has Been Arrested Along With Jane Fonda During A Protest On Capitol Hill

Jane Fonda was arrested on Friday for the third consecutive week outside of the U.S. Capitol, along with a group holding a protest over climate change. And what’s especially notable about this arrest is that this time, none other than Ted Danson was among those led away in handcuffs. “I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created,” the Grace and Frankie star previously stated on her website, true to words.

Video from the protest began surfacing on Twitter around 11 a.m., and The Good Place actor was seen being arrested just after 12:30 p.m. local time. Danson now joins the esteemed ranks of actor Sam Waterston, who just last week arrested with Fonda while protesting.

Washington Post reporter Hannah Jewell captured footage from the wild scene. “Jane Fonda (and Ted Danson) are arriving at the Capitol to get arrested for the third time in her weekly climate change protests,” Jewell wrote, adding that Fonda asked a visiting group of “very buttoned up college kids” if they wanted to join the protest.

Despite his claim that getting arrested “sharpens the mind,” Danson was overheard answering “nope” to a shouted question on whether he’d been arrested before. In fact, it was Fonda herself that inspired Danson to get involved, as he told the crowd.

Following their arrest, Jewell also added that Danson shared a handcuffed high-five with Fonda, as footage from others began surfacing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, those who were arrested on Friday will likely be charged with “crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” which Fonda received from the previous two instances.

On her blog, Fonda wrote that it had been special that the “wonderful” Sam Waterston had joined her last week, given the fact that he is “essentially a centrist, not given to speaking at such rallies,” much less getting arrested.

“But he was there and most articulate in expressing how, while he might not agree with every aspect of the Green New Deal, he sees it as a framework for solutions on the scale and depth commensurate with the catastrophe we’re facing,” she continued. “He understands we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and that now is the time for everyone, including centrists, to join together to make the necessary changes.”