Ted Danson Tells Conan About The Time He Did Mushrooms With Woody Harrelson And Stopped Breathing

I like Ted Danson, be it the out there pot head version on Bored To Death or the crabby, stereotypical Bronx doctor version on Becker. Then of course there is Sam Malone from Cheers, a womanizer that gave life to an entire generation of male sitcom characters in will they or won’t they relationships.

That’s the era where this story Danson told on Conan comes from and it’s got everything. Woody Harrelson being Woody, George Wendt and John Ratzenberger playing straight men, and Danson taking the psychedelic boat ride from Hell. Wendt having to yell at Danson to breathe is no doubt the high point.

It would seem that gorging on mushrooms when you’re fighting the munchies is not the best of ideas. Although when ranking them, it is certainly not the worst idea that Danson has ever had.

The only this is missing is Tony Shaloub guest starring as Antonio from Wings and it’s my fan fiction come to life. I am curious as to the current state of Ratzenberger’s boat. Considering his Cheers residuals and Pixar money rolling in, I would think he’d of upgraded it by now. We of course know what Woody has been up to.

(Via Team Coco)