This Teenager Coming Out Of Anesthesia Is Convinced He Went To Dubai And Bought A Camel

The nicest thing about living in this day and age is that friends and loved ones are ready with a mobile recording device at any given moment to capture you at your absolute lowest and have a laugh at your expense. Oh wait, did I say “the nicest?” I actually meant “the worst.” Well, for better or worse, this explains the proliferation of anesthesia recovery videos on YouTube in recent years, such as this one of a teen named Brandon taken by his mother.

After having his broken arm set, Brandon doesn’t know much, but what he is absolutely convinced of is that he just arrived from a trip to Dubai where he bought a camel. After going on about his wife and kids, which I imagine Brandon is going to be pretty saddened to find don’t actually exist, his mom asks him what else he bought in Dubai… And let’s just say it sounds like he hit the teenage jackpot.

But things didn’t end there. In another video, Brandon’s mother tries to get to the bottom of who “Rocco” is and why her son is talking like Adam Sandler from 1995. With a mom like this, who needs enemies?