A Teen On The Run Was Caught After Asking Police To Use A More Flattering Photo Of Her

08.29.16 3 years ago

Last week, self preservation and vanity met at an unfortunate crossroads when an Australian teen who had escaped from a correctional facility may have actually incriminated herself, leading to her own apprehension. Amy Sharp escaped from the Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex on August 19, and shortly after she went on the lam, Sydney’s 7 News posted the above mugshot last Wednesday with details which would hopefully lead to the 18-year-old’s arrest.

Being that her face was plastered all over the news, you might think that Sharp might decide to lay low until the whole thing blew over. But not our girl Amy, who really lived up to her last name by actually commenting on 7 News’ post, requesting that they use a better photo of her.

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